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Disconnect when Idle



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Disconnect when Idle

Is there a setting which would disconnect the router from the internet when there is no activity? The ADSL should be the primary connection.

I have tried: WAN >> Internet Access and set a value for Idle Timeout. Is that the correct setting?

Whenever I tried to save the value, I get disconnect from the internet subsequently. I also notice that my WAN1 in WAN >> General Setup, the Active Mode becomes Backup.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Disconnect when Idle


Idle Timeout is the correct setting if you want to disconnect the line and go offline when no activity is detected for a period of time. Is this the setup you want?

If you want to use WAN1 (DSL interface) as the main connection and only fall back to WAN3 (USB) when WAN1 fails, then don't use the idle time out feature (this should be -1 = always on). Instead configure them both normally and set WAN1 as main and WAN3 as its backup.

To do this, go to WAN > General Setup click on WAN1 and:
Active Mode: Always On.
Backup WAN: Choose WAN3/USB.
Go back to WAN > General Setup click on WAN3 and:
Active Mode: Back up.

Now your router should not use WAN3.. it will only use it when WAN1 fails. To test, unplug the DSL line and see if the router activates WAN3 (it should be back up online in less than a minute).

Let me know if thats not the configuration you wanted.
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